Istanbul and the countryside program for 10 days

Istanbul and the countryside program for 10 days

28.10.2023 12:40

Program name: Istanbul and the countryside program for ten days

Program number:  LP2
Number of days: 10 days - 9 nights
Cities: Istanbul - Bursa - Sapanca - Agva - Princesses Island

Program details

day. 1
Airport pick-up

When you arrive safely at the international airport in Istanbul, a representative from our company will wait for you, receive you from the airport, and take you to the hotel to rest from the hassle of travel.

day. 2
Old city tour in Istanbul

On the first day after and on the day of arrival, it is necessary to visit the most important historical landmarks of Istanbul, which are the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Square, the Old City, the covered market (Grand Bazaar), the Egyptian Market, and the Islamic Museum (Topkapi Palace). In the evening, a tour of Taksim Square and Istiklal Street. Boarding the electric train on Istiklal Street.

day. 3
Sapanca and Masukiye trip

On this day, we will head to the city of Sapanca, where we will visit the Maşukiye area, which is characterized by its green mountainous nature. We will stop at Maşukiye, where there will be some activities such as riding a mountain and a rope, and then we will go to the area and visit the most beautiful Sapanca Lake in Turkey. Do not forget to climb on the glass terrace in Sapanca  and return to the hotel in the evening

day. 4
Asian section tour in Istanbul

Today will be a visit to the most important landmarks of Istanbul, the Asian side. We will begin with a visit to the Girl’s Tower, which is a small tower located at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait and the coast of Uskudar. We will visit the historic market on Baghdad Street. We will not forget to visit the most beautiful view of Istanbul in Bridal Hill. In the evening, we can visit one of the cafes overlooking the Bosphorus or One of the largest malls in Istanbul, the Asian side, Emaar Mall.

day. 5
Bursa and Lodag Mountains trip

A trip in the green city of Bursa, climbing to Aludag Mountain by cable car, enjoying the wonderful view of Bursa forests, and then visiting the historical tree that has lived for more than 600 years, then visiting Bursa Waterfall and the Ottoman Village, and returning in the evening to the hotel.

day. 6
Istanbul Gababet Belgrade and Ortakoy tour

We will begin our trips by visiting the famous Ortakoy coast, then departing to the Tarabya area, which has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. We will visit Emirgan Park, which is famous for its wide variety of tulips that bloom in the spring. Then we will head to the Belgrade Forest, which is distinguished by being the largest forest in Istanbul and is wonderful for lovers of... Hiking, in addition to special areas for barbecuing and camping.

Shila wagwa trip

Departing in the morning on a tour to the Shila and Agua area, and we will visit its hidden lake, then the Goksu River and the wonderful Shila Beach, and on the return trip inside Shila, and then in the evening, return to the hotel.

Day. 8
Sultan Eyup tour

Visit the Mini Turk Museum, which contains models of Turkey’s landmarks, but in a small size, and here you will see the landmark of Istanbul and Turkey  in your hands.

Then head to Mount Berluti and climb to it by cable car and enjoy a wonderful view of the Golden Qur’an Bay and Istanbul and in the most wonderful restaurants overlooking Istanbul.

Let us not forget to visit the Sultan Ayyub Mosque, where the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari was buried, and visit the Balat area, famous for its classic cafes and exquisite decor.
The fun dolphin and seal show can be visited for both children and adults

Day. 9
Princesses Island trip

A cruise to Princesses Island by ferry and touring the island, which are several islands located about an hour and a half from the center of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara. We begin by visiting the famous variety, which is distinguished by its beaches and pine forests, and touring the island in horse carriages and enjoying the picturesque nature of the island. You can see the Leander Tower and the Uskudar From the sea

You can do an evening shopping tour and then return to the hotel

day. 10
Homecoming day

Delivery to the hotel at 12 noon and then departure to the airport to return home safe and sound

We hope that we have created beautiful memories for you