About Us

Reem Travel and Tourism Company in Turkey

Reem Tourism Company is one of the companies of Reem Group of Companies for Services in Turkey
It is the product of a gathering of long-experienced people in the field of travel and tourism

We are committed to the ethical standards of tourism work
Credibility, honesty, openness, teamwork, hospitality. Permanent work to satisfy tourists, good treatment. Smiling is the basis of our interactions

Reem is a member of the group of tourism companies in Turkey
And we have the first level license in the ranking of tour operators



Reem Travel and Tourism Company in Turkey is keen to abide by the legal laws on its dealings by obtaining the required licenses for its work magazines:

TURSAB license number: 9265, which means (Turkish Tourism Companies Association).

Registered with the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and hold a tax number.

– A member of the TUSAD Association (Association of Travel, Tourism and Businessmen Agencies in Istanbul).