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VIP 5 Seats 4 Bags

Mercedes Vito VIP

Mercedes Vito van with private driver
It is considered the most suitable car for tourism and is therefore the most in demand
Our car has been modified to provide all the amenities, comfort and luxury
By using the latest modern technologies
A high-resolution display screen was added to the Apple TV
Modifying the air conditioner to be more effective
In addition to luxurious leather seats that can be moved electrically
Adding a phone to communicate with the driver's cabin
The driver's compartment can be separated from the rear passenger compartment
A more than wonderful lighting system that adds a touch of attractiveness and beauty
This car can accommodate 1 to 6 people and 5 medium-sized bags

Mercedes Vito VIP  - Car With Private Driver

5 passengers 
4 medium bags
internet wifi
32 inch screen
isolated driver cabin
internal phone
Leather seats
Excellent conditioner
dark windows
small fridge
an umbrella
Electric seat movement
Play Station
Apple TV
wireless charger
RGB lighting
Lighting color change
movable seats
USB ports for charging
panoramic sound system

The drivers at Reem Tourism Company are considered among the best drivers in Turkey for many reasons, the most important of which is:
1. High driving skills and good knowledge of roads and tourist areas.
2. Excellent customer service and the ability to communicate tactfully and respectfully.
3. Thorough knowledge of the history and culture of tourist areas to provide customers with the necessary information.
4. The ability to deal with a diverse audience of tourists and meet their different needs.
5. The ability to work in a team spirit and cooperate with other co-workers.
6. Adherence to appointments and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for customers.
7. Ability to deal with emergencies and unexpected situations in a calm and effective manner.
8. Maintaining the cleanliness and regular maintenance of the vehicle to provide a safe travel experience.
9. Adherence to traffic laws and legislation to ensure the safety of customers and drivers.
10. The ability to provide recommendations to customers about tourist places, the best restaurants, markets, etc....
11. All drivers at Reem Tourism Company are employees who receive monthly salaries and are permitted to request any payments or tips from valued customers.
12. Obtaining full driver’s licenses from the Turkish government
13. Training drivers on the etiquette of dealing with tourists and the privacy of each tourist individually

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