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Mercedes Vito EXTRA VIP  with a private driver

They are designed with the latest technology and luxury amenities. It is distinguished by its elegant and modern design, and provides you with all the comfort and entertainment you need during tourist trips in Turkey.

Features of the luxury Mercedes Vito Extra VIP: It is distinguished by its attractive and elegant design, and provides you with unparalleled comfort during long trips. It has luxurious leather seats with electrical control, and an advanced air conditioning system that ensures comfort in any weather conditions. In addition, it contains modern technologies such as a high-resolution screen and an advanced audio system. We will not forget the large cargo capacity that allows you to carry luggage and other items with ease. It is a luxury car that combines performance, comfort and advanced technology

You can control the various equipment in the luxury Mercedes Vito Extra VIP using the tablet in the car. Change the position of the seats, control the sound system, control the lighting, move the seats, and raise the footpad.

In the luxurious Mercedes Vito Extra VIP, there is a foot pillow to provide additional comfort during trips. You can use it to support your feet and relieve pressure. It is a great feature that adds a touch of comfort and relaxation during your trip

There is also a built-in wireless Internet connection. You can enjoy browsing the Internet and using your favorite applications during your trip. It's a great feature that allows you to stay connected and entertained with the Internet while you're on the go

In the luxurious Mercedes Vito Extra VIP, there are USB ports and electrical sockets. You can use them to charge your phones and other electronic devices while driving. It is a very useful feature to stay connected and to easily charge your devices during your trip

Equipped with window screens. You can use it to adjust the lighting level and maintain your privacy during trips

Of course, the driver's compartment and passenger compartment can be separated. This provides privacy and comfort to passengers  during the flight.

The car is also equipped with a wireless charger. You can place your mobile phone that is compatible with wireless charging technology on the designated surface in the car to charge it easily and without the need for wires

In the luxury Mercedes Vito Extra VIP, there is a built-in mini-fridge for drinks. You can keep cold and refreshing drinks while driving. It is a great feature to enjoy your favorite drinks at any time

Yes, in the luxurious Mercedes Vito Extra VIP, you will have a highly experienced private driver. Our driver has exceptional driving skills and full knowledge of the roads and paths. You will feel safe and confident during your trip with him

Mercedes Vito EXTRA VIP with a private driver

  5 passengers
  4 medium bags
  wifi internet
  USB ports for charging
  HDMI input
  32 inch screen
  Insulated driver's cab
  Leather seats
  Excellent air conditioning
  The windows are dark
  small Fridge
  Electric seat movement
  RGB lighting
  Change the color of

The drivers at Reem Tourism Company are considered among the best drivers in Turkey for many reasons, the most important of which is:
1. High driving skills and good knowledge of roads and tourist areas.
2. Excellent customer service and the ability to communicate tactfully and respectfully.
3. Thorough knowledge of the history and culture of tourist areas to provide customers with the necessary information.
4. The ability to deal with a diverse audience of tourists and meet their different needs.
5. The ability to work in a team spirit and cooperate with other co-workers.
6. Adherence to appointments and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for customers.
7. Ability to deal with emergencies and unexpected situations in a calm and effective manner.
8. Maintaining the cleanliness and regular maintenance of the vehicle to provide a safe travel experience.
9. Adherence to traffic laws and legislation to ensure the safety of customers and drivers.
10. The ability to provide recommendations to customers about tourist places, the best restaurants, markets, etc....
11. All drivers at Reem Tourism Company are employees who receive monthly salaries and are permitted to request any payments or tips from valued customers.
12. Obtaining full driver’s licenses from the Turkish government
13. Training drivers on the etiquette of dealing with tourists and the privacy of each tourist individually

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